Learn Afrikaans phrases lesson 2

Learn these easy Afrikaans phrases! First is the Afrikaans sentence, then as close to what it might sound like with English spelling, then the English translation. Enjoy!

Wie is dit? [ Vee ihs diht? ] - Who is it?

Dit is Janette. [ Diht ihs Yah-net. ]

Is dit Koos? [ Ihs diht Coo-ihs? ] - Is it Koos?

Nee, dit is nie Koos nie. [ Knee-ih, diht ihs knee Coo-ihs knee. ] - No, it is not Koos.

Waar kom jy vandaan? [ Vaahrrr (note the r is not a rolling sound but a fast vibrating sound.) kom (the o is pronounced a short "aww" and also doesn't sound anything like "aah") yay fahn daahn? ] - Where do you come from?

Ek is van Suid-Afrika af. [ Ack ihs fahn Suhid Aahfreekaah ahf. ] - I am from South Africa.

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